Luminous Linsey – Linseysworld


Linsey Dawn has been asked to help out and paint several photographic flats, which are two-sided walls that form the background of a set for photo shoots. All of you can really appreciate that one-piece outfit with its high-rising booty shorts and her towering heels, perfect for climbing step ladders. The paint the boss gave LDM is a special kind of paint, one formulated to cover massive breasts, which Linsey soon discovers early on. It also glows in the dark under UV lighting so do not adjust your monitor or settings when she shuts off the lights. Luminating in the dark makes Linsey lose track of the time. When the lights go back on, she realizes that the boss-man is due in ten minutes so the luscious one rushes to clean up her paint-splattered body before there’s hell to pay. It’s a good thing that the stuffes off easily. And, being the warm-hearted lovely that she is, Linsey will help clean you off also.

Date: May 13, 2023