Christy goes POP! BANG! – Christymarks


Christy would like to wish a very happy and safe Fourth of July to all of her fans and would like to give you all some advice. She asks that instead of playing with unsafe explosives this weekend, that you play with your cock and explode some nut juice all over the place for your country and Christy Marks. She says if you must make things pop and bang, pop some cherries and bang her. And she would like to remind all her members that will be spending time in the yard, BBQ’ing and relaxing that the great outdoors is an excellent place to cum, so don’t be shy to whip it out and go to town right then and there. And that’s exactly what Christy does on this four-wheeler. She strips off the red, white and blue and puts a few fingers in her pink!

Date: May 15, 2023