BTS wth Brooke 2, Scene #01


Ahoy ahoy ladies and gents! We finish up Episode 111 of GangBangCreampie with our Behind the Scenes with Brooke Bliss!
Back at the station the #Cocksmen get her on right on task, down to her knees to #GreetTheMeat! She hasn’t been surrounded by this many cocks since the last time she was around and she’s in heaven. She very enthusiastically sucks and blows their cocks getting them nice and hard. They tease her, slapping them on her face, and getting her nice and sloppy. The smile on her face is ear to ear when the guys lay all of their cocks on her face. When they can’t take anymore it’s time to get her Fucked, Filled, and Fed, so off to the pedestal they go! One of our newest #Cocksmen, Chapo gets to earn his wings in the shower this week. #Cocksmen Focker has to work all day unfortunately, (though after the shower we have a quick BTS conversation about trying to bring the action to him) so Chapo is gonna step in. He doesn’t disappoint. He finishes her off with a hot blowjob in the shower, and some more fucking. After taking another load she gets him squeaky clean, and then it’s off to relax and bask in the afterglow of a hot gangbang!! Stay tuned folks, and we’ll see you next week for another hot installment of GangBangCreampie!

Date: May 9, 2023