BTS with Zoey, Scene #01


The final installment of Episode 84, Behind the Scenes with Zoey. After we’d gotten to know her a bit more, and had some, ‘Bar food,’ we get Zoey on her knees for some blowie action. Since the Cocksmen got to meet her, it’s her turn to meet the Cocksmen, specifically Greeting their Meat. I think Elmo was really into this one, he couldn’t wait and gets a couple of pokes in while she has cocks in her mouth. THEN of course we give her a great GangBang, but that doesn’t seem to be enough for Mr. Elmo. He goes to POUND-TOWN in the shower… (we’ve had a lot of good shower action of the course of the last few episodes). I’m not sure if it’s HER who just can’t get enough, or if Elmo was really into this one, either way it was a great day with Zoey. That’s a wrap on Episode 84. As always we hope you enjoyed all the filthy fucking and cream pie action! We love your feedback so comment away and check out our forum, which is now overseen by the one and only Amateur Focker, Cocksmen extraordinaire! We’ll see ya next week!

Date: May 9, 2023