BTS with Taylor S pt 2, Scene #01


Episode 100 of GangBangCreampie comes to a close with our Behind the Scenes with our lovely Taylor, we pick up where the interview left off, she’s just finished getting inspected by #Cocksmen Mitt and Carl and now back in the station, the guys are adequately excited to see her again. They remember her cock milking abilities, they remember her submissiveness, her tiny little pussy, and great perky tits. Needless to say it doesn’t take long to get the guys into position for her to Greet the Meat. Greet it is an understatement, it’s like Taylor and the #Cocksmens cocks (Say that 10X fast) are old pals… reunited and it feels so good. Just like last time her make-up really didn’t stand a chance. She sucks, she slurps, she takes the cocks down her through, nose to tummy, balls to chin. She’s such an angel. The guys are properly warmed up and they can’t wait for what comes next… of course you’ve seen that part all ready! After the fucking, filling, feeding, and general filthiness is complete, it’s time for our angel to get clean. When she first starts she closes the shower door, but only momentarily, she whips it back open and gives you a little show before she finishes up her routine and is out the door!Finally from Buzz and the #Cocksmen, we sincerely want to thank you, our members, for making 100 Episodes of GangBangCreampie possible. Our goal is to continue to provide you with the most filthy gangbanging, and cum gushing cream-pie action for years to come. We love your feedback, so drop us a line in the comments section, on the forum, on twitter, or through email. Thanks for a great 100!

Date: May 9, 2023