BTS with Sarah, Scene #01


Hi again! Here’s the final part in our epic episode 107 of GangBangCreampie with Sarah Vandella! Like we explained earlier, we kinda just got right into the action this week, and even thought this was the last part of the episode, this is where the action started. Sarah has a throat that is like a portal to another dimension, and she likes it sloppy AF! She dirty talks the #Cocksmen, and really get’s them going. I think it’s pretty easy to understand why she made the cover of the DVD’s. We get her off her knees and get her on the bench. After she finished getting fucked filled and fed, it’s time for #Cocksmen Focker to shine, and he shines in the shower. Even after giving her two loads himself he’s got another for her. He gets her all lathered up, then fills her mouth and pussy one last time before we send her on her way!!

Date: May 9, 2023