BTS with Luna, Scene #01


We’re baaaack to close our Episode 105, which is of course our Behind the Scenes with the lovely, Luna.The guys are pretty stoked to meet Luna, she’s got a great slender body, awesome eyes, great tits, I mean what’s not to like? She wastes no time getting down on her knees to get the #Cocksmen ready for the fuckin’, fillin’, and feedin’. It’s quite the Great the Meat, she’s sloppy, and she doesn’t disappoint, if there’s a cock near her, it’s going in her mouth, or she’s using her hands to keep those cocks nice and hard. It doesn’t take long before she’s literally asking to be gangbanged (with a little coaching from Mitt of course)After we get her right with our 3 F’s (fuckin’, fillin’, feedin’) we gotta get her nice and clean so she can go home. Who’s better at making sure our models are fresh and clean than the one and only #Cocksmen Focker. This is his time to shine, and he never fails. Even after giving her 2-3 loads (who can keep track with that guy? He’s a machine.) He gets her nice and soapy, and then sticks his cock in her. He gives her a nice facial at the end, but then she has to start the cleaning process allllll over again…. Oh Focker! This girl was fantastic, she’ll be back for sure. She’s far to slutty to only gangbang once, and you know our motto, ‘We Love Sluts!’ We’ll see you next week friends!

Date: May 9, 2023