BTS with Kendra, Scene #01


Welcome back for the final installment in our gangbangin’ adventure with the lovely Kendra. We pick up after #Cocksmen MItt’s patented Mittspection, and she’s ready to meet the guys. At least she’s ready to greet their meat! She’s on her knees smiley as ever, sucking’ and slurping on those 5 cocks. That little outfit is so cute on her petite frame, and her nipples are fully at attention. It’s those little mannerisms we noticed in the interview coming out that tell us she’s ready to get fucked. So #Cocksmen Tony grabs throws her over his shoulder and it’s on the the good ol’ GangBang Station so the fuckin’ fun can begin. Finally after she’s been fucked, filled, and glazed, as you’ve already seent, it’s #Cocksmen Focker’s time to shine. He washes her down ever so gently, just trying to get her clean. But before we know it he’s licking her asshole, and they’re both ready for round…7? 8? Whatever the case may be they outlasted our camera, though we’re not missing much. Ohboy ohboy, Kendra Lynn was such a doll, she fit in perfectly at the good ol’ GangBang Station! SEE YA NEXT WEEEEEK!

Date: May 9, 2023