BTS with Kara, Scene #01


Aannnnnnd we’re back!! The final installment of GangBangCreampie 101 is our BTS with Kara! After that lovely car play our lovely little lady gets her first glimpse of the #Cocksmen, and what’s she’s about to get. They get her down on her knees, and get the cocks in and around her mouth. She’s got great technique, and a smile on her face the whole time. She’s so damn quirky and bubbly it’s just adorable. She goes round and round and round. #Cocksmen Mitt apparently couldn’t get enough during the car ride, so he goes down for seconds, as she sits on his face getting her pussy eaten, while she’s eating the cocks. #Cocksmen eLmO can’t wait any longer, and Greeting the Meat ends caveman style with our lovely model over his shoulder and on her way to the pedestal… After she’s been properly fucked, filled, and fed, it’s time for her to get all clean. No shower sex this week, just a nice voyeuristic look at her shower. Well folks we’re now into the 100’s, with no intention of slowing down or stopping, so check back in next week for our next adventure on GangBangCreampie!

Date: May 9, 2023