BTS with Emily, Scene #01


Our last update in Episode 98 is our Behind the Scenes with our lovely Emily. Back at the station we get our little Latin spinner on her knees, so she can Greet the Meat. She’s a total cock queen, she sucks these guys off with the gusto. She goes round and round, getting face fucked, deepthroating as far as she can get it in. Her makeup didn’t stand a chance, and you can see where the tears were streaming down her face. The car pussy must not have been enough to satisfy #Cocksmen Mitt, because he dips in again before we can get her up on the pedestal. She’s just so tiny, so sweet, and such a fierce little chicka. That pussy was so wet he was able to just slide right in, which means she’s excited to get those three F’s we’re so fond of… Fucked Filled and Fed. After the hot Three F action. It’s time to get all clean, and this is where #Cocksmen Focker shines! He helps get her a little dirtier before he cleans her off. Going for round 2 in the shower, he eats her ass, fucks her out of the shower, and blows another load in her mouth. Gotta love the shower sex!!! We’ll see ya next week with another look at our Las Vegas shenanigans. See ya soon!

Date: May 9, 2023