BTS with Anglea, Scene #01


We finish up our day with Angela with our BTS action! She’s never ridden a sybian before, so we’re gonna make her dreams come true. The # Cocksmen surround her with their meat…. so she can greet it! She starts off slow just on the bumpy buzzy portion of the sybian, and we crank the vibrations while she slobbers and slurps on those dicks. It isn’t long before she’s got the good part in her pussy and she’s bouncing all over it. THEN here comes the waterworks, she springs a leak and squirts all over the place! That means she’s ready….After the fuckin’ fillin’ and feedin’ it’s time to get clean, and this week #Cocksmen Focker has some competition. Mr. Focker is first in getting her lathered, and then #Cocksmen Tony comes in to get her slathered. She takes 2 loads in the shower. This hot milf is just absolutely insatiable.We’ll see ya next week!

Date: May 9, 2023