Behind the Scenes wth Britney, Scene #01


It’s time for part 3 of our fun with Britney, our lovely BTS action, and this week we have a little extra for ya. We pick up where we left off AFTER the interview andwhen we arrive back at the station, our lovely lady finally gets a chance to meet the #Cocksmen. It’s time to #GreetTheMeat, and get the guys warmed up with a little blowbang action. We’re gonna ham it up a bit here, but in our very humble opinion this is one of the best blow bangs we’ve ever done. Not because of anything special on our part per-say. However, Britney is so damn photogenic and so damn fun she really made this one pop! Just looking at those amazing blue eyes as she sucks and blows the #Cocksmen. That smile on her face, that energy. She’s an absolute hottie. She’s having just as much fun as the cocksmen! She really loves to suck dick. After the blowbang, but before we get to the fucking filling and feeding, she has to make sure she’s fresh for the guys (Even though Mitt says she is, she wants to be sure). So we get some great action of her douching her honey hole before letting the guys go at it. How thoughtful is that huh? Of course somehow she manages to make it hilarious… watch it and you’ll see why!!! That just about does it for this week. We had a blast with Britney, and she GOT blasted. So it worked out pretty well for all involved… but it always does. We’ll see you in a few days for another GBC newbie, and you WONT want to miss it! See ya soon

Date: May 9, 2023