Behind the Scenes wth Alana C, Scene #01


It’s Monday, and alas all good things must come to an end! Today we show you the last bits of our time with Alana C. We have some great BlowBang action for ya, and some BTS stories as we mentioned on Wednesday. We have the luscious Alana on her knees, surrounded by cock, just like we promised. She’s pretty excited, as we all know, she’s a HUGE nympho. That means she’s right at home around these dicks, so she does what she does best, and gets them warmed up. She starts sucking them, going around the horn, stroking them. She’s does quite well with her multitasking, give the guys the full attention of all her limbs. Her gorgeous natural tits come out of that pretty white top, as she gets messier and messier. She gets some great ‘Cock-topus’ action before we move on.
Just before the GangBang we get another show of how kinky this lady is, we try to tie her down a bit, though we didn’t do the best job.. and finally a great story about our very own Cocksmen Kyle and a little trick we played on him at the office.. You’ll have to hear it for yourself That concludes our GangBangCreampie week. We’ll see you next week same gangbang place, same gangbang time!

Date: May 9, 2023