Behind the Scenes with Tiff 2, Scene #01


The #Cocksmen arrive, and for Tiff, it’s pretty much a brand new crew, so she has to take the time to properly introduce her mouth to their cocks, during the Greet the Meat. She’s got a very nice way of sucking cock, she loves to tease the cock and she’s very verbal. She likes it rough, and #Cocksmen Mitt rams his cock down her throat testing her deepthroat abilities. After a quick go-round, and feeling all the meat on her face it’s time to for the real fuckin’ fun to begin! After the scene she takes a quick shower, probably one of the quickest in the history. She’s pretty famished after getting all those loads so we’re off to the pub to grab a bite to eat. To close out our adventure we find get to hear from the #Cocksmen, Focker, Carl, and Mitt about what their favorite parts of the GangBang were. That chemistry we were talking about shows here as Tiff takes Mitt to be her boyfriend for the day, with some interesting marriage plans on the horizon. We get a look at those tits one last time before we send her packing! It was quite the glorious return after such a long absence. As you can see we’ve only gotten better with age, and we’ll see you in a few days!

Date: May 9, 2023