Behind the Scenes with Simone, Scene #01


Welcome back muchachos and muchacha’s! We conclude this weeks episode with the Behind the Scenes action! We pick up after the car fun, and Simone is surrounded by more cocks than she’s ever had. It’s like a dick buffet for her, she’s so excited Mitt can barely get the camera rolling before she’s got a cock in her mouth. She moves around tasting each one, getting them nice and hard for her, because she’s about to get a pounding. The guys all get a cock on her face and it’s time for the action! After getting the ride of her life Simone gets a little shower time. #Cocksmen Tony is there for moral support helping her get clean and have a little conversation about life… lol. Simone was a welcome change, we haven’t had a lovely MILF like this in a few weeks, so we hope you had as much fun as we did!

Date: May 9, 2023