Behind The Scenes with Sarah 3, Scene #01


Hello again, and welcome back to the Behind the Scenes action with Super Sluuuut Sarah Vandella. We have our patented #GreetTheMeat, and you know it, you love it, the Focker Shower Fuck!
We start with our hot mouth on the floor looking up, waiting for some cocks. I dunno if we’ve mentioned it before, but Sarah is pretty much the best blowjob machine we’ve ever seen. There’s something magical about the way she takes a cock. The way she lets a cock absolutely fuck her face and mouth. It’s like the dirtier, harder, and sloppier it is, the better. That means she’s in the right place, because we have 5 guys who are ready to drill her mouth. She gets them nice and hard for the job ahead. She want’s to make sure her hot holes get filled and get filled by hard cock. She takes turns basically fucking her own face, going round and round, spitting and slobbering all over them. The guys get their cocks all over her face before she reveals her little surprise. A beautiful blue buttplug has been hiding in her asshole, and we follow her all the way to the bench, almost hypnotically…. After getting her ass and pussy assaulted and creamed up real nice, #Cocksmen Focker has one more load to give her. Getting her all lathered up and rubbing all over her body, he slips his cock back in her mouth, then takes her doggy style in the shower… just like the good ol’ days… giving her on last ‘pie for the road. She finishes up her shower, and makes her way back home… someone call heaven, they’re missing an angel! We hope you enjoyed our anal adventure with Sarah.. as always leave your feedback in the comments section below, or in the members area forum. See ya next week!

Date: May 9, 2023