Behind the Scenes with Richelle 3, Scene #01


Welcome back folks, we have a jam packed BTS for you this week. Like we mentioned previously, Miss Richele had a major bag issue, so we rolled right back to the station and threw her on her knees and got some cocks on her face. She’s been a regular here at the GB station, but this is the first time she’s been able to #GreetTheMeat, and greet it she does. She has just this very special way about her, especially when she’s sucking cock. It’s like she tries to get as sloppy and dirty as possible, and she does not disappoint! After a successful blowbang it’s off to the pedestal to get this party started! After she gets her gangbang action, we get her in the shower and she gets nice and clean, because we have to get at least a little bit of an interview with her, so we take her to lovely Bar Aziani, and catch up with her, and her goofy sassy sense of humor.

Date: May 9, 2023