Behind the Scenes with Moka, Scene #01


When we get back to the station, the #Cocksmen are awaiting this lovely ladies mouth. They’re ready for some fresh meat, and she’s ready to suck some fresh meat. We get her on her knees and get the action started. She spins round and round and round sucking each one of the guys, getting them nice and hard. Then it’s time to take her to the station as Carl scoops her up and takes her into the black abyss After her fucking feeding and filling that you’ve seen. #Cocksmen Focker is back in action giving her some shower fun. They get right down to business, and she practically slams his head into her pussy for another little nosh session. He fucks her again and gives her another load in the mouth before he leaves her to finish getting fresh and sending her on her way! For a first time flyer, Moka was beyond amazing, and we can’t wait to have her back! Let us know what you think about this Spanish spinner! We’ll see ya next weeeeek

Date: May 9, 2023