Behind the Scenes with Lisey, Scene #01


Welcome back and get ready to have some fun as we wrap up our week with Lisey Back at the station Lisey is surrounded by cocks, just like Mitt promised. It appears she couldn’t be any happier. She’s got 5 cocks to get warmed up, so with a smile on her face she gets to work. She starts with the closest one, getting him a nice treat. Then on to the next getting him hard and ready. She goes all the way around giving them each her personal attention. She’s so sultry, those eyes so inviting. Once they’ve had their fun, the guys fill her face with cock, and she lets us know she’s more than ready to get fucked, filled, and fed! There’s a little extra action after the GreetTheMeat, so enjoy that, and let us know what you thought of our week with Lisey in the members area forums, or the comments section! See ya in a few days!!

Date: May 9, 2023