Behind the Scenes with Lexi, Scene #01


Thanks for tuning in to the last part in Episode 122 of GangBangCreampie, we have a lovely BTS that begins with #Cocksmen Mitt, and the lovely Lexi declaring their love for at least the day…. Back at the station, and we’ve got this hot little thang down on her knees. Surrounded by more cocks than she’s ever had before, literally 5 cocks staring her right in the face. If you watch closely you’ll see how much she loves sucking cock. It’s a bit of a reoccurring theme this week, but just look at her alluring eyes, and smile as she strokes and sucks the #Cocksmen getting them ready to fuck and fill her pussy. She has slobber and pre-cum dripping down her chin, as she passionately #GreetsTheMeat! After Lexi’s first GangBang, and being fucked, filled, and fed she’s gotta get clean. So we get to watch her get nice and squeaky clean, then it’s back to the airport to go home. She’ll most likely still be dripping as she goes through security. Let’s hope she doesn’t have to get that ‘special screening!’ We’ll see ya next week. Same GangBang place, same GangBang time!

Date: May 9, 2023