Behind the Scenes with Kacey 3, Scene #01


We’re back to end an era! Our final BTS footage from our old digs. So enjoy this little trip down memory lane! We pick up where we left off. Kacey has been here before, she knows what’s about to happen. She’s happily on her knees awaiting the cocks in her mouth. The #Cocksmen don’t disappoint. They give her the business she knows and loves. She warms up their cocks, and it doesn’t take long for them to get hard. As she’s sucking and licking balls, the guys can’t seem to contain themselves, and not one, but TWO, #Cocksmen go downtown and let Kacey grind her pussy on their faces. They nibble and nosh while she keeps sucking a blowing them. She gets a nice half Cockto-puss (that’s 4 cocks) on her face as the guys wrap up and follow her into the abyss that is the black room.. Following a ‘spoon-tactic’ gangbang… (did you like the spoon?). We watch Kacey get fresh and clean in the shower. Now I know what you’re going to say… ‘How did so much product end up at the bottom of that shower?!’ Well if you watch it, that’s all Kaceys product, here at GangBangCreampie we’d never think to let our shower get that crazy messy. Speaking of showers though, this is the last bit of footage we have of the old studio. So it’s from here we bid our fare shower goodbye and we thank you for all the crazy times you’ve given us! From here on out, it’s all California all the time. So stay tuned for more fresh faces and creampies than you can shake a stick at!!

Date: May 9, 2023