Behind the Scenes with Ella, Scene #01


Back inside, it’s time for her to meet the #Cocksmen, and we’re gonna #GreetTheMeat! Our guys surround her as she’s on her knees. The place their cocks in front of her face and she gets to business. She likes to suck cock, and she likes it sloppy and dirty. She rotates around giving each guy plenty of attention. #Cocksmen Kyle gets some extra attention getting in a quick titty-fuck. They guys get all their cocks on her face as she gets ready for the ride of her life! We have some other fun BTS in store this week.. still working the kinks out to get that shower fuck action back. We have a quick pre-gangbang shot of #Cocksmen Mitt paying more attention to football than the hot ass girl sitting in front of him. Then some more behind the scenes action of her pretty girl photos from earlier in the day! So we’re back to the action, we’ve made a few changes. We have a ton of new girls, and first timers coming up! As always don’t forget to comment on this video and let us know what you think in the forums!

Date: May 9, 2023