Behind the Scenes with Angela 2, Scene #01


When we arrive back at the station she’s greeted by the rest of the #Cocksmen.. a total of 6 today, so she’s upping the ante. The guys surrounded her and get down to business. She GreetsTheMeat with gusto, suck on their cocks. They pull out them big ol’ titties, and plunge in her throat. She’s ready for the action and away we go… By now you’ve seen how wet she got during the gangbang squirting all over the place. We’ll #Cocksmen Tony has to get clean too, so he joins our super squirting milf in the shower. Going for the gold, he gets her an nice hard fucking, and she finishes up. She came she saw she conquered. We gave her some more material for her spank bank, and an even more intense fucking that the first. It was a great day at GBC!

Date: May 9, 2023